July 27, 2012
Nearly two months ago, Children’s Memorial Hospital closed its doors in Lincoln Park and moved to an impressive new facility in Streeterville. What’s going up at the former site? That question continues to be the subject of debate, CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports.
July 13, 2012
Regina Koetters can unload a bumper crop of market research as she prepares to sell her first heirloom tomato and locally raised pork. As the owner of the new Marty’s Market to open on Saturday morning in the Strip District, Koetters demonstrates that she did her homework on the region’s food economy.
July 13, 2012
Regina Koetters, owner and founder of Marty's Market. A lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy with a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Michigan who is originally from Louisville, Koetters said an important factor in choosing Pittsburgh came when she realized how much more often her calls to local commercial real estate companies were returned compared to others.
April 11, 2012
Extending Lakeshore Drive for two miles through the 600-acre Lakeside Development site is more than road work: It’s the key that'll unlock the enormous development potential of the waterfront property where McCaffery Interests and partner US Steel aim to build. (It's the most meaningful two miles since Daytona.)
February 4, 2012
From his perch in the Hyde Park Bank building near the corner of 53rd Street and Lake Park Avenue, bank President Tim Goodsell has watched countless efforts at commercialization come and go. “I've been sitting on this street since 1982,” Mr. Goodsell says, “and I've been involved in any number of aborted attempts to get commercial business ginned up here more aggressively. Frankly, I'd gotten to the point that I didn't think much was likely to happen given the economic doldrums.”
January 27, 2012
Akira, a rapidly expanding Chicago-based clothing boutique, will open its 19th location, I've learned, in a vacated Borders bookstore in Hyde Park this fall.


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